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tirsdag 22. mars 2011 08:48

british-american_flagWelcome to this translation tool for LA3T - the Tromsø group of NRRL.

Please use the following link for a "on-the-fly" translated version of this web-site by the help of Google translate

 English version of www.la3t.no

 Below is a short description of LA3T with useful information

About the club

LA3T is the local radio amateur club and a member group of NRRL - Norwegian Radio Relay League.

barduveien_1LA3T owns a club house in Barduveien 7 in Tromsø.

We meet every Tuesday at 20:00 PM for the weekly club meeting, this meeting is open for all radio amateurs and others interested in our hobby. Please visit us here.

Radio infrastructure in the Tromsø-area

VHF / UHF  repeaters (All opens with a 1750 Hz tone).

LA6TR / RV60 / 145.750 MHz (-600 kHz). Location Straumsbukta on Kvaløya (JP99FN)

LA9QR / RU-378 / 434.725 MHz (-2 Mhz). Location Kjølen on Kvaløya (JP99MP)

LA9TR / RV-50 / 145.625 MHz (-600 kHz). Location Trolltinden on Arnøya (KQ00FB)

VoIP repeaters

A D-Star repeater is installed for testing, callsign LD9TN 
The repeaters Tx-freq is 434.800 MHz and RX freq is 432.800 MHz  

Pr. 11.02.12 there is no Internet connection, this will be installed by the end of February

APRS digipeaters and iGates

LA3T has built a infrastructure for APRS tracking in the area for 144.800 MHz. Follow your tracks on http://aprs.la3t.no or http://aprs.fi


Our shack


Our shack has VHF/UHF/HF radios and antennas and is free to use for the members of the club. Visitors to Tromsø may contact the club for permission to use the shack.

A picture from the shack.


Volunteering for  SAR

NRRL_samb_150_copyThe most active group at LA3T is "Sambandstjenesten" (Emergency Communication Service), the members are a part of the volunteer emergency service in the Tromsø-area. "Sambandstjenesten" contributes with VHF/UHF/HF communication for areas without mobile phone coverage or when the GSM service is unavailable.

Another important service we deliver is APRS tracking, this aid has become very popular both within the other volunteer SAR-organisations, Røde Kors Hjelpekorps (Red Cross Search and Rescue Corps), Norsk Folkehjelp (Norwegian People’s Aid Health and Rescue Service) and others and within the professional organisations as Sivilforsvaret (The Norwegian Civil Defence) and the Police.


Polaric Tracker and  ServerPolaricTracker_1

Members of LA3T have developed a tracker solution  based on both hardware and software components to deliver a "professional" and stable tracking service to our partners in the SAR services.

The Polaric Tracker is a handheld, battery operated complete APRS tracker for radio amateurs and SAR teams. The Polaric Tracker has a batterytime of approx. 30 hours and a fast charge of about 30 minutes. The unit operates on 144,800 MHz and is waterproof corresponding to IP54.


The Polaric Server is a "stand-alone" or Internet service map presentation system based on a APRS receiver and presentation service on a Linux platform. Check http://aprs.la3t.no for the Internet service based on Polaric Server.

For SAR use LA3T have a "grabbag" consisting of a VHF radio, antenna, battery and a PC configured with Polaric Server.


Our hometown -  Tromsø

More about Tromsø